Castiel: Golden Child

Am I the only one who has noticed that in Supernatural, God is a classic narcissist, and Castiel demonstrates all the symptoms of being an adult child of a narcissist?

Traits of adult children of narcissists:

  • Never feel good enough or valuable enough
  • Deeply afraid to speak up confidently or challenge others
  • Very attuned to what everyone around them is feeling, leading to an inability to protect themselves from other people’s emotions.
  • Chronically unsure of themselves and overly-worried about what others think of them.
  • Deeply insecure, and unable to believe that any love they receive is unconditional.
  • The relationships they do form are deeply challenging.
  • They feel used and beaten up by their work, their bosses, and their colleagues, and can’t understand why their careers are so challenged and difficult.

Sounds like someone we know, doesn’t it? 😉

Even Castiel’s flattened affect (something none of the other angels demonstrate) could be explained by childhood trauma related to his unhealthy relationship with his “father.” 😉

Perhaps this is why Castiel and Dean have bonded so strongly. Dean’s father fits the narcissist prototype pretty well. Could be they recognize some of their own trauma in each other.

Anyway, that’s MY head canon. Hee. You’re welcome to yours. ^_^


Bonus observation:
If Castiel is God’s son…
And humans are also God’s children…
But demons are humans corrupted by Lucifer…
Who is also God’s son…

That means that whenever Castiel and Crowley are working together, it’s like when the oldest child leaves home and then has to come home for the holidays and has to play nice will these monster children his parents created after he left home. XD

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