Crack the Whip series

CtW1_CoverIn a world where a strict caste system raises some men to power while predestining others to be forever slaves, Antonio has spent his life chafing under the restrictions he was born to. No Master has been able to control him…

Cedrick is a powerful figure, but has never chosen to take a slave for his own. The thought bored him until Antonio, whose willful ways fascinate as much as they provoke…

Will Antonio prove too much for even Cedrick?

Or has the willful pet finally met his match?

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Love at First Torment

LaFT_CoverAdrien knew the risks he was taking on when he agreed to be an undercover cop. But that doesn’t make it any less frightening when the drug dealer that he has been tracking learns the truth and takes him captive. Soon, he finds himself held captive, wondering if he will even survive.

Will his partner be able to save him? Or will Adrien live out the rest of his short life a slave to the gang he was meant to lock up?

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Rhapsody in Him

RiHCoverMichel is just another starving artist, dead broke and doing his best to make his way in the world. Once upon a time, he was the star of his conservatory, but when he struck out into the real world, it turned out there was little demand for one more concert pianist… So now he lives from gig to gig, playing mood music night after night for uncaring dinner audiences at a local fine dining restaurant, just to make ends meet.

All that changes the day he is kidnapped. Grabbed off the street and shoved into a cage by mysterious men, he fears for his life… Until a gorgeous man arrives to make him an offer. To be a slave, obedient but well-cared-for, never again to worry where his next meal would come from… or take his chances with his kidnappers.

Will Michel submit to this mysterious master? Or will he take his chances on the sliver of hope that he might escape?

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Into the Abyss

ItAcoverBrent is finally ready to confess his feelings for his best friend, Rickey. He’s even decided on a perfect spot… The end of a mountain hike, overlooking a romantic panoramic view of the valley.

What Brent doesn’t know is that Rickey harbors secret desires that might be too much for him to handle. When Rickey offers to give Brent a taste, he agrees to submit until sunset. Can Brent handle being Rickey’s slave for the afternoon? Or will Rickey’s dark desires spell the end of their relationship for good?

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Match Made in Hell

MMiHCoverIt was supposed to be the best day of Jules’s life… And then he got kidnapped. Locked in cuffs, blindfolded, and gagged, he soon finds himself claimed by a mysterious organization and whisked away to an unknown destination.

Will he ever see his fiancé again? Or is he doomed to spend the rest of his life as a slave, at the mercy of a master he has never met?

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Carnal Holiday

CarnalHolidayCoverLiving in a small town, Fletcher had never felt totally comfortable being open about his desires. In his heart of hearts, he always had secretly longed to be like the men he saw on television… Fierce, independent, brave. But he could never bring himself to act on those impulses.

So when he heard of a special package deal for a destination getaway marketed directly at adventurous gay singles looking for a thrilling weekend, he just couldn’t resist. After all, they promised complete anonymity… He had no idea that a fun-filled romp would quickly turn dark as he finds himself alone with an aggressive stranger on the beach.

Will anyone come along to help Fletcher? Or will he find himself ravaged by the handsome stranger…

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Blind Passion

BPcoverJamie had never met someone like Rick. Strong, protective, charming… And he didn’t even seem to mind that Jamie was blind. It seemed meant to be. They fell head over heels into a whirlwind romance, and soon they were living together. But then everything changed.

As Rick’s jealousy grows increasingly violent, Jamie soon realizes he must leave. There’s only one problem: Rick isn’t ready to give him up.

Will the well-intentioned concern of a handsome stranger finally drive Rick over the edge? Can Jamie escape Rick’s obsessive control? Where will he go if he does, with no friends or family to count on?

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