Break Me, I’m Yours

BMIY_1 Cover Small VersionCayden has a problem. A long string of bad luck has completely trashed his finances. He’s behind on his rent, has completely given up on paying his credit card bill, and crushing student loan debt makes even bankruptcy a pipe dream.
That is, until a mysterious agency offers to solve all his problems… for the small price of his personal liberty for one short year, of course.

Master Copeland struggles with dark desires. Even his great fortune can’t purchase a partner who will submit to what he needs, and he has almost given up hope. When a mysterious agency offers to provide him with the ultimate partner to sate his dangerous urges, he does not even blink at the price tag.

Can Cayden quench Copeland’s violent lust? Or will Copeland ultimately drive him away like all the others?
Follow the 8-part series to find out!
(New episodes are available every Tuesday.)

CW: This is obviously not a story about a healthy relationship. It is not always safe, sane, or consensual. It may not feature an unqualified HEA. If that’s not your scene, I’m sure you will find another artist more to your liking!

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