Rhapsody in Him

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Michel is just another starving artist, dead broke and doing his best to make his way in the world. Once upon a time, he was the star of his conservatory, but when he struck out into the real world, it turned out there was little demand for one more concert pianist… So now he lives from gig to gig, playing mood music night after night for uncaring dinner audiences at a local fine dining restaurant, just to make ends meet.

All that changes the day he is kidnapped. Grabbed off the street and shoved into a cage by mysterious men, he fears for his life… Until a gorgeous man arrives to make him an offer. To be a slave, obedient but well-cared-for, never again to worry where his next meal would come from… or take his chances with his kidnappers.

Will Michel submit to this mysterious master? Or will he take his chances on the sliver of hope that he might escape?